2 rdm 5 days?

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by tanner, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. tanner

    tanner Member

    i warned everyone the i would kill anyone that was in the vent. two people went down the vent towards the detector where i was hiding so i shot them. i was then banned for five days, and was called for mass rdm. my account is supergage. i warned everyone, and wasn't given a warning of being banned and was immediatly banned.
  2. Gonz

    Gonz Chill... VIP

    If what you say is true then you shouldn't have been banned. Although, if there were several other occurrences of you RDMing then it's a ban for 24 hours, not 5 days. I will talk to the staff but I can't promise that you will be unbanned.

    DoA N1GHTMARE Banned

    I don't remember you giving out any warnings and you can't claim areas. You killing those 2 people was rdm and I figured you were going to continue so that's why I gave you a mass rdm ban. I only banned you for 1-2 days though so someone must've changed my ban. You have to understand it was late at night (or at least for me it was) and that's when all of the rdmers and trolls and all that tend to come on and do their thing, so I do mine and ban them. To me that's what you looked like when I started seeing multiple rdm reports against you. I'll eventually get around to lowering your ban though.

    DoA N1GHTMARE Banned

    you may need to give me some sort of reminder as im going to bed
  5. Detector

    Detector Regular Member

    did I turn detector into a common noun?
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