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  1. SquidgyBoat

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    Giveaway time limit reached

    Sometime over the weekend I will draw winners. I was planning on Saturday but I have a busy day so it'll most likely be Sunday. Whenever a staffmember sees this please lock the thread.

    If you're late to the game, and manage to get an entry in before lockdown or a rating before I draw, I will add you to the list. Here is the pool so far.

    Agent Knockout
    Cereal Killer
    [MZK] Lightning
    a n d y ツ

    Jabba the Slut x2
    LBPotatoes x2
    Danstorm x2
    Lordyhgm x2
    Python~ x2
    Silly x2
    Thorax♠ x2
    Saturnity x2
    Nathan T Nguyen x2
    scuffed water x2
    Irish x2
    Sticky Joe x2
    ThatAintFalco x2
    MiGGo x2
    shmito_123 x2
    Acnologia x2
    Mr. Peanutbutter x2
    Scrungy x2
    dazza x2
    Panduh x2
    The Memelord x2

    TheTacticalCat x3
    Deadly25 x3
    Espurr x3
    Whatwhat23 x3
    Noccam x3

    As always to our lucky contestants,

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  2. SquidgyBoat

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    We have our winner:

    @dazza !

    Message me on steam or through a conversation here to let me know what game you want.

    Thanks to everyone for participating! I have a lot more music to listen to now :)

    Also, once again, our winner most likely only won because of that important second entry, just like last time. Make sure to get 2/3 when I do another giveaway!
    Apologies for the lateness, had a busy few days.
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  3. Noccam :^)

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  4. Python~

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    your favorite genre of music is dubstep?
  5. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    Anything electronic. When I was a kid, I was raised on classic rock that branched a little into heavy metal etc. My parents looked down on rap and electronic, so I did too, until I became a teenager and branched out a bit.

    It's actually Gmod that made me like various EDM. Also, dubstep was getting really popular at the time (2010-2013). The server I was an admin on had endround music of a few electronic artists, but they were more of a funky electro than wub-wub.
    Now I like Rap, Alt Rock, EDM, etc. Basically anything besides mumble, screamo, or country.

    All that to say, I just classify all of EDM into one genre for this criteria giveaway. Cuz while Outrun / Synthwave is not anywhere near Dubstep, but both fall into EDM.
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