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    Kill Tom Hardy
    Bang Chris Hemsworth
    Marry Terry Crews
  2. Lordyhgm

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    bang terry crews
    marry chris hemsworth
    had to google tom hardy, and while a fine looking guy issa be the kill
  3. dazza

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    kill terry (honestly I had to google him, I recognise him but cant say I really know or enjoyed anything ive seen him in)

    bang Hemsworth .. I mean cmon hes hench as fuck :drool:

    marry hardy - just seems like a proper gentleman
  4. SquidgyBoat

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    Told you guys I'd go full neckbeard for this
    OP delivers

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Congratulations @Jabba the Slut ,

    You won! PM me on forums for what game you want. I'll send you a Steam (or whatever game store you'd like) gift code for whatever game you want around $20.

    (Also, Jabba only won because he got that double entry!)

    Thanks everyone for participating, I'll make more of these in the future. Will probably introduce tiers of winners as well if I'm doing well financially.

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