Denied ★☆DarkLies☆★'s Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by ★☆DarkLies☆★, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Could be multiple
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    I'm making sure to do my best to not break any rules? I have no clue even why the hell I was banned now care to inform me? Please.. ty
    There were a couple possible names
    Evidence of Innocence:

  2. Yawn.

    Yawn. Previously known as Kindle, Books, Pages.

    You have two active bans from separate servers.

    Firstly, from West 1 by @Krys for RDM and Leave. Your username was Traiterous(Inflicting-Wounds), and your ban was set from the 04/24/14--04/29/14.

    Secondly, from East 1 by @The Seventh for RDM and Leave (Second Offense). Your username was again Traiterous(Inflicting-Wounds), and due to it being your second offense (see above), the ban was set from 04/26/14--05/10/14

    Assuming you still want to go forward with your appeal, they will both respond at their earliest conveniences.
  3. Yes... The first one shouldn't have been denied at all I panic shot and stopped, the dude freaking killed me I remember it...
    The second one I have no clue on
  4. Krys

    Krys Gives Explosive Hugs VIP

    1. We have already discussed the ban from me on another thread.

    2. You just admitted to shooting him out of panic, that is RDM.
    3. You sent me this PM just a bit ago:
    Just because you stopped shooting doesn't mean he has to. You should have let him ID the body, you didn't (yes he could have been a T) which is fine as he did just kill someone, and as a result of you shooting he was allowed to kill you as well.

    I have already denied the appeal for the ban I gave, end of discussion on that one. Therefore this appeal is now about the one given to you by @The Seventh.
  5. Might as well just close it and put a couple more on top of it to remove someone annoying from joining the game aye?
    Never mind, fuck it, go ahead and close it
  6. Krys

    Krys Gives Explosive Hugs VIP

    Yes..... I did close it, that one was already taken care of I said....

    Seventh will reply when he can about your second ban.
  7. The Seventh

    The Seventh Bloom. VIP

    Hey there DarkLies!

    I sincerely apologize for the late response, as I was out all last night, and did not see this appeal until today. Give me a few minutes to see if I am able to retrieve the logs of the incident and get this sorted out.

  8. The Seventh

    The Seventh Bloom. VIP

    You were actually banned under the name $hady$hot$(TrustMe), I'm not exactly sure why it's saying I banned you under the other name, unless you changed it right after you left.

    You had claimed that CMDRsprinkles shot at you, however after checking the damage informations, which shows any recent shots between the two of you, there were no shots fired by CMDR in a recent time frame. The first shot was fired by you.


    I then checked shot logs (of which I am unable to get a screenshot of, I apologize) to make sure that he did not fire earlier into the round, and saw that CMDR had not fired a single shot that round until after you had started shooting at him. It's possible someone else may have shot you (the traitor shooting Canadian Logic may have been near you, perhaps), but CMDR did not, and so your kill on him was considered a kill on suspicion. After I issued the slay, you called me an asshole and then proceeded to leave.

    The above made it fairly clear to me that it was an intentional RDM and Leave, and your second offense as well. I'm afraid I will be denying this appeal for this reason. You still have access to 3 of our other servers (East 2, West 2, and Vanilla).

    Thank you.
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