New Player Models (For Anime Lovers)

Discussion in 'Player Model & Weapon Suggestions' started by Cuck, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Cuck

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    So I was thinking, for some reason serious never put any player models into the "models" section for attainment by points. And so, I was wondering, if it can be done, to have a couple new player models for people who favor anime more than the player models as of now. Also there is always a chance u can put them in the "supporter" category for a bigger attraction~and thank you taking your time to read this thread!
    Cuck, 1/5/2017
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  2. Skyrossm

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    11/10 would donate for jiggle physics.
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  3. Cuck

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  4. Dolph1n

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    You should probably provide some download links/pictures so people can see what they're upvoting for. But in general give me them. +1
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  5. Carned

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    I cannot think of a worse thing for the TTT servers, dump the anime on deathrun.
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  6. Togo

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