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    Any text in orange is a link, be sure to click it.
    You probably created a forum account to appeal a ban you were issued while playing on our servers, to see why you were banned and for how long simply visit After discovering why you were banned you may appeal your ban here where the staff member who banned you would provide their reasoning behind your ban and evidence to support it. Whether or not you will be unbanned lies at the jurisdiction of the staff member who banned you. A serious offense such as hacking or blatant Mass RDM would be denied whereas a first offense of RDM and leave would most likely be pardoned.
    If you're not appealing a ban you probably have had a less than joyful experience with a player or abusive staff member. If you would like to see either brought to justice feel free to create a report against them by heading to: (DR reports here). Be sure to provide undeniable evidence so the offender can truly be dealt with. Visit to understand what the player/staff member has neglected. While a minor offense may seem like something you want to report, we encourage you not to do so as it takes valuable time away from staff members.
    Not appealing a ban and not reporting a player or staff member? Most likely want to become a staff member, eh? Before applying it would be a great idea to familiarize yourself with the community and befriend the staff members. Why? This makes you known and if a staff member happens to have an enjoyable experience while playing with you, they are likely to support your application. But you never want to advertise it to them, or publicly for that matter. This thread runs you through the basics.
    Maybe you're unsure of a certain rule or why a staff member did something. We have a section of the forums where you can ask. It's called Q&A. Feel free to post! Have an amazing idea that you think would benefit the server? You can suggest (DR suggestions go here) your ideas and gain feedback from community members here on the forums, whether it be player models or maps to play you can suggest it! You can also suggest rule changes and forum additions.
    Want to chat with other users on the forums? Check out the shoutbox once in a while to have a meaningful or silly conversation with the community. Be sure not to use the color
    red or other colors that strain the eye, like blue. And if you would like to simply introduce yourself to the community, which is a fantastic idea, you may. We're a friendly bunch here at SeriousGMod.

    Feeling generous? If you ever wanted to give back to the community and offer prizes to others, you can create a giveaway thread. Be sure to follow the proper giveaway guidelines. And lastly, saying goodbye can be hard, especially when you've been a part of something for so long. A farewell is a thread to announce your complete and indefinite absence from our community as a whole, where you usually mention a few close friends.

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