Binocular Processing Upgrade

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  1. Have Detective binocular upgrades speed up the processing time every second. (1/4), or (1/5 and the last level is instant ID)
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  2. Xproplayer

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    No idea who the hell uses the binocs but its a point sink I guess +1
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  3. Dolph1n

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    Binocular is really only useful on maps like terrortrain, but some people are flooded with points so why not? +1
  4. Faeranduil Venmys

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    This would be great. +1
  5. I use the binoculars sometimes when I have spare credits and when I see unid bodies that are in unreachable areas or so far away that I am too lazy to walk over there and id it so yeah here my +1.
  6. Rhienor

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    This seems like an awesome idea, big +1
  7. Cafedemocha

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    +1 from me, this would be awesome
  8. Echo

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    Hell yeah +1
  9. Bork

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    +1 yeahhh
  10. Lone Wanderer

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    I'll give the same reasoning as I did in the detective upgrade suggestion thread:

    They're stupidly slow in ID'ing bodies, and create a big risk for detectives if they use them. The time to ID bodies should be drastically reduced, given that you're already at a disadvantage by buying it with a credit, having them out and having to stand still to ID the bodies. The timeframe is a bit ridiculous, and basically makes you a guaranteed kill if you use them at current.

    +1 to increasing the speed
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  11. PanzerShrimp

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    +1 i always get picked off when i try to ID the bodies